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Living Dead Dolls - Sweet Tooth Exclusive

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The days of long shadows grow near, and thoughts of Halloween dance in the minds of those who love the macabre.  

So it’s time to meet Sweet Tooth, the newest member of the Living Dead Dolls family!

Inspired by trick-or-treaters on the hunt for candy, Sweet Tooth embodies the spirit of Halloween. Every detail - from the orange and black stripes of her stockings to her candy corn shaped teeth - pay tribute to the night that celebrates fear. 

And the back of her sweater has ‘Living Dead Dolls Halloween 2017’ on it, so you can always remember when the wicked little trick-or-treater entered your life. 

As with all of the Living Dead Dolls, Sweet Tooth comes packaged in her coffin display, with a death certificate describing her haunting fate.

2017 Halloween Australasian Exclusive